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ARMCO's test facility is one of the most advanced in North America. ARMCO certifies assemblies to all major standards including those set out by RMA, DOT, CGA, API, DNV, SAE, ANSI and NAHAD. more

ISO CertificationOHSAS Certification
Our Company

ARMCO is a leading manufacturer of certified hose assemblies for conveying gas, liquids and solids. Armco is equipped to serve diverse markets such as the drilling, well service, transporta- tion, mining, manufacturing and agriculture industries. “ARMCO CERTIFIED” means our products perform in the most demanding and rigorous environments.

On-Site Inventory
On-site inventory means orders can be filled promptly within the same day. The company is fast becoming known as the source for industry knowledge and quality products backed by service excellence.

Custom Solutions

ARMCO is a solution based company. What sets Armco apart from the competition is the ability to custom build products for unique applications including BOP Hoses, Rotary Hoses, Flexible Metal Hose, and Composite Hose. Downtime due to hose failure costs money and has the potential to put employees, customers, and citizens at risk due to hazardous material exposure or other factors.

Custom Solutions
ARMCO has the equipment necessary to respond to unique requirements. Our experienced staff understand that getting it right the first time requires attention-to- detail so that hoses can be fabricated to manufacturers industry standards.

Our Products
  • Hydraulic Hose & Fittings
  • Industrial Hoses & Fittings
  • Drilling & Rotary Hose
  • Choke & Kill Hose
  • Fracking Hose
  • Water Blast & Jetting Hoses
  • Composite Hose
  • Adaptors & Camlocks
  • Valves & Gauges
  • Large Bore Assemblies
  • Custom Design & Machining